British DPM ECBA Vest VST04

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British DPM ECBA Vest  VST04

These vests are the DPM cotton covers for the British Army’s ECBA (enhanced combat body armour). First introduced in the early 90’s they were the first type of body armour to be on general issue to British troops, the “enhanced” vests having two pockets front and back which originally held ceramic plates. While they have been superseded by the Osprey and Virtus systems they are still on issue for home service. The vest has a velcro front closure with velcro tightening tabs around the waist and the inside face can be unvelcro’d and filled with your choice of padding making them ideal for airsoft. They are sized by height and chest in cm’s. Note – some may still have the rear securing strap but most have been removed.

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British DPM ECBA Vest VST04

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