Bulgarian Army Wool Greatcoat CTS06

$97.50 NZD

Bulgarian Army Wool Greatcoat CTS06

These are ex-Bulgarian Army charcoal grey wool serge Greatcoats, a genuine relic from the Cold War.They are a full length overcoat with two front pockets and an internal chest pocket in the cotton lining.The coat closes with six Bakelite buttons and the front flap is held flat by three sets of hook and eyes; at the throat, under the right collar and by the bottom button to give a smart soldierly appearance.The 15cm fold back cuffs are tack stitched in place, but these can be easily undone and more cuff allowed for those with longer arms.They are available in the following approximate sizes (height and chest in cm’s) allowing for layers underneath:

Size 2: 150/160 – 88/92

Size 3: 160/170 – 92/96

Size 4: 170/180 – 96/100

Size 5: 180/190 – 100/104



Bulgarian Army Wool Greatcoat CTS06

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Bulgarian Greatcoat

Sz 2 150/160 – 88/92, Sz 3 160/170 – 92/96, Sz 4 170/180 – 96/100, Sz 5 180/190 – 100/104