Czech Army M60 Raindrop Pattern Coat JKT56

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Czech Army M60 Raindrop Pattern Coat JKT56

The Czech Army issued these coats from the early 1960’s through to the 1980’s and they feature the distinctive Eastern bloc rain pattern camouflage pattern that was also used by East Germany and Poland.Apparently when viewed using certain types of passive infrared viewing equipment the under-print reveals a quite different camouflage pattern.These unique examples of Cold War Military clothing are made from heavy weight cotton fabric and feature two waist pockets with button flaps and a covered pocket on the right rear hip.There are small epaulettes on each shoulder, the cuffs can be tightened with buttons and for extra warmth there is a removable button-in quilted cotton liner.The coats come in two sizes:

2B – Large – approximately 180-185cm tall / 100cm chest

3B – X-Large – approximately 185-190cm tall / 110cm chest







Czech Army M60 Raindrop Pattern Coat JKT56

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