Opinel Knife

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Opinel Knife

A design classic that is recognised as part of France’s cultural heritage,the iconic Opinel knife,first manufactured in Savoie France in 1890, is regarded as one of the best folding pocket knives around.The beauty of the design is in its simplicity.The Yatagan shaped carbon steel blade stamped with the crowned hand logo opens with the aid of a nail nick and the unique rotating ring locks it in to position.This also locks the blade when it is closed for safe and secure carry.The knives are available in six different sizes based on their blade length.

Opinel Number 12:  Blade-12cm,Handle-13cm,Overall length-28cm

Opinel Number 10: Blade-10cm,Handle-10.5cm,Overall length-23cm

Opinel Number 09: Blade-9cm,Handle-9.5cm,Overall length-21cm

Opinel Number 08: Blade-8cm,Handle-8.5cm,Overall length-19cm

Opinel Number 07: Blade-7.5cm,Handle-8cm,Overall length-17.5cm

Opinel Number 06: Blade-7cm,Handle-7.5cm,Overall length-16.5cm

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Opinel Knife

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