US Army Style 2 Quart Canteen CMP03

$42.50 NZD

US Army Style 2 Quart CanteenĀ  CMP03

During the Vietnam War the US Army realised that in hot jungle environments soldiers needed to carry more water than the standard 1 Quart canteen (see: NZ Army Plastic Water Bottle) could provide.So they came up with this,the 2 Quart canteen (1.892 litres) It is basically a bigger bottle with the same attached screw cap which fits into a nylon bag that closes with a fastex buckle.The bag features a bottom drainage hole small,a velcro pocket for water purification tablets and can be worn slung with the 115cm adjustable shoulder strap or attached to a belt with ALICE clips.The canteens come in either Olive,Woodland Camouflage or Black.



US Army Style 2 Quart CanteenĀ  CMP03

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