About Comrades

Established in 1990, Comrades has all that would be expected in an Army surplus store plus much more. We have an ever changing range of products such as Camping gear and equipment for the great Outdoors, Parachutes, Badges and Insignia, Wet Weather gear, Flags, Boots, Equipment Vests, and Die-Cast Model weapons. Also to compliment the military surplus we have a huge range of knives and very popular fashion hats, bags, and clothing.We source much of our stock from Europe were many countries had or still have military conscription.This means vast arrays of warehouses full of quality made clothing and equipment to supply a constant stream of new recruits.When either this equipment becomes obsolete or is otherwise not needed it is released on to the market and that’s where we come in.When you buy from Comrades you are re-cycling, re-purposing and buying products that were made to last and be fit for purpose-we are the opposite of fast fashion!