IDF Style Weapon Sling MSC34

$19.90 NZD

IDF Style Weapon Sling MSC34

These 2-point weapon slings are made from heavy weight nylon webbing and they have very similar features to the IDF style slings.They are long! From end to end not counting the paracord attachments they measure 1.1 mtrs extending out to 1.7 mtrs. At each end there is a plastic snap hook which can attach directly to the weapon or you can use the velcro wrap-around straps which have a D-ring.These can snap on to the sling or be attached with paracord.At the front end there is a fastex buckle/velcro fold for making minor adjustments and a small pocket for ear plugs.Available in O.D or black.

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IDF Style Weapon Sling MSC34

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